Success Stories & Testimonials

Dr. Jamie Turndorf ~ Psychologist 

For three decades I have lived with neck pain that no chiropractor in the US or Europe was able to resolve. My neck had been so unstable that adjustments wouldn’t hold. Dr. Erik, unlike other “bone crunchers” took the time to analyze my anatomical structure and uncover the source of the instability. Then he gave me a series of custom-tailored  yet simple exercises that rapidly resolved the problem. The result is my adjustments are holding and the pain has abated. Dr. Erik is a marvelous practitioner like no other. You owe it to yourself to experience his high level of care. Dr. Jamie Turndorf


S.L ~ Dancer

I am a student at Marist College who has danced her whole life. A classmate of mine recommended True North Chiropractic as she sees him for sports-related injuries. I guess it is a bit naive of me, but I didn’t know chiropractors work on ankles and knees and things like that.

The doctor took a long time evaluating me and noted weaknesses I knew I had, so it was refreshing to know he was on the same page. Since I have been working with him, and following his recommendations, my knee and ankle pain have nearly resolved and I nave never felt stronger when performing. He is really nice and accommodating to a student’s schedule as well.


T.K ~ Construction

I am normally a very active person. If I’m not sick or dead, I’m exercising when I am not working. Occasionally, I will get sciatica with radiating pain always on the same side. I went to see Dr. Erik, who was covering for my usual chiropractor.

Only talking with him for a few minutes, he was able to tell me exactly what I did to cause my injury, even how I was bent and stooped over when it happened. He gave me some in-office exercises after treating my low back and my pain was literally gone.

I have never felt so good after a treatment, nor felt so completely understood. I have continued to do his home care exercises faithfully and my  pain has never gone away so quickly after a single treatment.


G.M ~ Middle School Teacher

I began seeing Dr. Erik last summer after a cycling injury that he was able to diagnose and help out immensely with. He educated me on function and form and how paying attention to what my body is telling me makes the difference from recovering more quickly versus dragging an injury on longer than necessary.

Dr. Erik is also very knowledgable – very knowledgable – about sport-specific injuries, health and nutrition. I follow his blog on his website and his articles are always being shared on my Facebook wall. I cannot recommend him enough for all he has helped me with.


R.C ~ Retired

I have used chiropractic care throughout my life. I understand that the adjustments go beyond muscle pain and dull aches. It’s helped me with headaches and indigestion  and I got over my colds faster after getting treated.

This time, however, I came to Dr. Uuksulainen as a new patient with low back pain, but also GI pain that had been going on for YEARS. My GP couldn’t identify what it was and prescribed me more medications. An Internal Specialist came to the same conclusion. I was miserable.

Dr. Uuksulainen noted in my intake form my GI pain and asked for me to give him a list of the medications I was taking and foods I was eating. He has a Masters Degree in Nutrition and so I felt comfortable discussing it with him. He treated me for my lower back pain, which got better – but most importantly – he discovered that two of my medications were causing my GI distress.

I called my GP and asked him about the two medications and of my side-effects and he was blown away that my chiropractor had figured it out. My GP has since updated my medications and I no longer have GI distress. THANK YOU DR. UUKSULAINEN!


J.L ~ Hair Dresser

I was referred to True North Chiropractic through a friend. I had pain and tingling into my arm that was worsening and accompanied with muscle weakness. Dr. Erik identified my problem and worked through my pain. He taught me exercises to do at home, and work, so that I improved. As my neck and arm improved, I knew that I came to the right place. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Erik to any of my friends and family. He is truly one of a kind.


A.J ~ Finance / Crossfit Athlete

I met Dr. Erik when he was working out with us at our local Crossfit BoxGym. I didn’t know he was a chiropractor, but he seemed to have really good form when he worked out, even though he was never lifting the heaviest weights or putting up the best times. When asked he told me, “On a timeline long enough, everyone will become injured during Crossfit, so why get injured”. I didn’t heed his words until I ruptured my shoulder during kipping pull-ups. I was in agony. Ladies aside, it was the worst pain since child-birth. I went for MRI and physical therapy and pain pills and was still seeing no results. Frustrated, I asked Dr. E what he thought. He told me i was a ‘complete mess, but there was hope’. That’s all I needed. Under his care, he showed me where I was lacking in strength and aided me in correcting the posture that was causing me all my injuries. In short, he educated me on WHY I was getting injured and HOW to avoid it in the future. I can say confidently, that if it was not for Dr. Erik that I would have elected for surgery and have been miserable afterward. I cannot recommend him enough.


C.C ~ High School Student

My parents were always concerned about my posture. I was constantly sore and in pain during class and any time that I tried to work out or engage in activity. I was miserable. I gained weight and was miserable. Finally, my parents dragged me ‘to the chiropractor’. At first I was skeptical. I thought they were ‘for old people, and people with bad backs’. Quickly I learned that Dr. Erik was different. He spent the time to teach me what I didn’t know about my body and how to get me back to where I want to be. I lost the weight, and no longer in pain, and can say that he helped me get back on track. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes.



H.J ~ Business Professional / Iron Man Competitor

I was in excruciating pain when I met Dr. Uuksulainen. I had inflammation in my right SI joint, right knee and thigh and was tired of my MD telling me I needed an injection and possible surgery. What a joke. Dr. Uuksulainen took the time to fully assess my injury in a way I have never experienced. He told me EXACTLY what I needed to do and what supplements I needed to take in order to get back on form. Not only did he help me achieve my performance goals – he exceeded them. If you are looking for someone who goes above and beyond, this is your DOCTOR.



M.E.M ~ Law Enforcement

About one year ago (2012), I was playing with my Siberian husky on the floor when our foreheads collided.  I had no pain in my forehead but I felt a stabbing pain in the base of my neck which vibrated down my right arm. I later found that a car accident I was in approximately 23 years ago left me with some issues in my neck area that I was not aware of….until now.

I kept experiencing pain in my neck and “pins and needles” down my arm into my hand and fingers. Since I am in Law Enforcement, this was of obvious concern to me. Driving my car or sitting at a computer for any length of time brought the greatest amount of discomfort. I also felt a loss of strength in my hand.

I had sought out chiropractic help from another doctor first who only adjusted my neck twice a week.  I would be in and out of his office in 15 to 20 minutes.  He told me I needed to be patient; however, I felt I was just getting worse. Then a friend of mine told me that Dr. Erik had really helped him with a similar problem.  I would like to tell you that Dr. Erik made all the difference in the world.

Dr. Erik truly listened to every detail of how I incurred my injuries and how they were interfering with my activities.  He used many different manipulations and always attended to my neck, arm, and spine. Finally, he used the Graston technique to break through scar tissue in my shoulder and neck area. I no longer experience pain in my neck, nor do I have any issues of “pins and needles” in my arm, hand, or fingers and I have full strength in that hand.

I am happy to recommend Dr. Erik to anyone who has any chiropractic needs; as a matter of fact I have also sent my 21 year old twins to see him regarding back issues possibly due to their athletic activities. They are also very happy with his care.

R.C. ~ Construction

I’ve been working construction for over 20 years, so I know my body is a mess – especially my lower back. I’ve had pain shooting into my butt and legs and have been seeing chiropractors off and on for a few years when I was introduced to it by a friend 5 years ago. I’m newer to Dr. Erik, and I know he’s the real deal.

Not only does he listen, but he LISTENS! His hands on techniques are amazing and I get consistent relief whenever I need a tune up. My only regret is that I didn’t see a chiropractor like him when I was younger.

I can’t recommend him enough and I’m glad to be one his patients. Go see this guy!


E.V. ~ Photographer

I had the pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Uuksulainen’s for almost two years. I’m definitely a challenging case having experienced a number of random and painful symptoms with my neck and spine for years. Dr. Uuksulainen took the time during each and every session to ask in depth questions about my symptoms and implemented customized and evolving treatments to get me back on track, mobile and feeling better as soon as possible. He definitely did. He put me on the road to recovery and always took the time to give me helpful advice regarding diet changes and exercises to do at home to continue my recovery and healing process.

I highly recommend Dr. Uuksulainen’s services to anyone who is looking for a professional, dedicated and caring chiropractor to assist them in recovering from an injury or to just better their overall health.

M.A. ~ Production Assistant, 25
Dr. Erik is a fantastic chiropractic doctor who helped me greatly over the year that I saw him. I had never been to a chiropractor and Dr. Erik made every visit enjoyable and relaxing. His friendly attitude and chiropractic skills make him the perfect doctor. I cannot recommend him enough.
M.F. ~Professor at William Patterson University, 69

I was a patient of Dr. Uuksulainen during 2011 and 2012. I was suffering from sciatica due to scoliosis.

Thanks to Dr. Erik, I went from barely able to walk to a full recovery.
He is a wonderful chiropractor and a wonderful, caring person. I heartily recommend him.

G.K. ~Actor/Writer in NYC, 43
You are so knowledgeable and caring with your chiropractic care. You are a great Chiropractor.
M.M. ~ Social Worker, 47

I have lived much of my life with back pain due to scoliosis, and in the past year added a ligament tear in
my shoulder to the painful mix. Regular care with Dr. Erik has increased the range of pain free motion
in my shoulder, and has substantially decreased my back pain and improved my sense of balance. Dr.
Erik takes the time to really listen, and is fantastic at explaining body mechanics. I used to be afraid
of causing more damage when I exercise, but he has been able to suggest appropriate exercises and
weights to improve my strength. Thanks to Dr. Erik, I enjoy many pain-free days.

A.M.  ~Cleaning Business Owner, 58 
Over fifteen months ago I woke up after a good night’s sleep to extreme pain through-out my body.  I was unable to pull the covers off of me or raise my head up or simply just get out of bed.  When I went to bed the night before I didn’t have any pain whatsoever.  After a few days of intense pain, I realized that something was seriously wrong so I contacted my Primary Care Physician.  She immediately knew it was a tick borne disease of some sort so she did a full regimen of blood tests which confirmed her diagnosis.  I had Post Anaplasmosis.  Simply put, I have a form of lyme that has been in me for quite some time and it decided now to flare up.
She informed me that it was bad enough that I would be on meds for a significant period of time so she prescribed Doxycycline 100 @ 1/day for 30 days.  The pain was lessening and my attitude improved.  When I was due for a refill, the PCP would not prescribe anymore.  This, I later found out, was against the rules per the insurance policies.  Doctors are losing their licenses for over prescribing Doxy for a disease they feel doesn’t exist.  This was the beginning of my long process of trying to get back to normal.
Once off the Doxy, the pain steadily increased to where I couldn’t lift, couldn’t open a door because my arm would not turn in that direction.  I couldn’t walk up and down stairs, getting up from a seated position was excruciating as was getting out of bed.  Dressing was a lost art in itself and would take an average of thirty minutes each morning.
With all this pain I was averaging up to fifteen hours of bed rest per day.  My brain was foggy most of the time and my emotions ran very high with depression.
After visiting with numerous doctors which only resulted only in pain med prescriptions, I was ready to give up.
Three months ago, Dr. Erik contacted me and requested that I visit with him at his office.  I had a long talk with him which could have easily resulted in a flood of tears but he honestly sounded like he wanted to help me.  The adjustments were very painful but upon completion, I’m  able to walk with a lot of relief.  I am having two adjustments weekly and at this time I can open a door, get out of bed a lot easier and I can dress myself in half the time.  I was averaging twelve to sixteen ibuprophens daily for the pain and am now down to maybe six.  I no longer have to come straight home and go to bed for three hours and am able to last longer at work.  Dr. Erik explains everything he is doing and what the health benefits were.
I still am far from being healthy but my body is definitely feeling the healing as well as relief.  The treatments, I believe, has stopped the progression of the virus and is now reversing the symptoms by building up my immune system.   My emotions are no longer heightened and I now have, for the first time in over a year, a sense of hope.

Thank you Dr. Erik

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