Our Philosophy

We believe in helping each patient in order to help themselves.

 “If you know the why, you will comply”

Patients who are educated by their chiropractor about their bodies and current symptoms are far more likely to return to a state of well-being and optimal health than those who do not.

We all know individuals in our lives at home, or at work that become injured and “push through the pain”. Sometimes, the pain resolves on its own. Other times it does not. The body has a threshold for pain and once it is exceeded by a singular or repetitive event (the straw that broke the camel’s back) we become temporarily debilitated and seek health care assistance.

Patients under our care will receive gentle chiropractic care to help alleviate pain and become educated throughout care so that they learn to avoid potential pitfalls or setbacks during their care.

“Stress and Gravity are two things that are never going to go away”

We are constantly bombarded by daily stressors.

Physical: repetitive work / heavy lifting at work; sport / work injuries; motor vehicle accidents; slips and falls

Chemical: smoking; polluted air; bad food choices; bad drink choices

Mental: work stress; home stress; life stress

Emotional: family; relationship; illnesses; deaths

… Just to name a few!

The care we provide at our office is based on the foundation that the body’s natural ability to heal itself, prevent health issues and function at its best is when the nervous system is as free of interference as possible.  So even though stress and gravity are not going away any time soon, your body’s ability to adapt and function at its best amidst these stressors can change. 


Proactive Care: recognizing the signs and symptoms before they become chronic, major ones and rehabilitating them before they become major issues now or further down the road.

Reactive Care: waiting until an injury has occurred before treatment is sought to remedy the issue.

Whichever way you choose, we are here to treat your individual needs to get you better, sooner, and to teach you things so that you are not forever dependent upon us.

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